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 Secularism in the Peace Movement


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03/13 -This site is currently under reconstruction to
 represent humanism as part of the atheist, secular-humanist movement
 and not only
simple 'Good-Without-God', for a-religious humanitarians. 

Atheists do not believe in god,  the doctrines of religion or the bad effects of religion - throughout history or in current affairs .
Secularists  campaign for a separation of church and state, do not want the state and the laws of a country to be enforced by religions.
Humanists  base their lives on humanitarian values and morality that does not rely on religious beliefs, religious membership or holy books, but what is good for life today and backed up by evidence.

What is the relationship between Atheism, Secularism and Humanism?

It is necessary to explain what it is about religion that prevents the understanding and the development of secularism and humanism.

It is an important  purpose of atheism to examine the power of religion and why it is not only not true, but has caused immense suffering, persecution, cruelty and death to many thousand of people all around the world over three thousand years of male dominated monotheistic patriarchal religion.

This is not to attack believers, there are of course many good people who are believers and follow religions just as there are of those who don't believe in god or religion or follow other belief systems.

The contradicions of cruel vs compassionate religion can be explained by the differences between Jesus the political revolutionary Jesus and the asceticism of St Paul: 'Jeremy Bentham: Prophet of Secularism' - the
the 80th Conway Memorial Lecture  by Philip Schofield available from SPES at Conway Hall, 25, Red Lion Sq. WC1R 4RL . 


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There are now thousands of videos on youTube on every aspect of atheism, secularism and humanism, evolution, campaigns and issues etc.

Videos - Some of the best ..serious and funny (Broadband connection needed to view videos)

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 Campaign for Secular Education -  The Right of Every Child

For honest and objective RE

Bob Dixon is a local peace activist writer and poet. He researched and wrote three books on the influence of toys, games & books  in instilling in children the stereotypes and  attitudes  of class, gender, religion, race and aggression. ' Catching Them Young' & 'Playing them False'


Women's Equality and Reproductive Rights


We support organisations and campaigns against  all violence and coercion of women in the family, the workplace and on the streets.


Contraception and condom use as part of worldwide population control and health programmes should not be being hampered by religious opposition - at the UN or on the ground by religious politicians, priests and activists.


Keeping early safe termination of unwanted pregnancy aims to ensure that 

'Every Child is a Wanted Child' & it is 

'A Woman's Right to Choose'


Letter on the latest attack on Abortion Rights by Catholics on the anniversary of the Abortion Act 1967

We should praise women for not having children against their better rudiment of what is right for them and their families. Massive populated growth. poverty and unwanted children are a threat to we can do without.

Patriarchy is a male-supremacist ideology

Patriarchal Religions are male-supremacist organisations.


Some Recources:

Women, Sexuality and the Medieval Mind and how their attitudes still shape today's attitudes and social policy


youTube video on the illustration of medieval attitudes to homosexuality


Feminist Freethinkers Meetup Group Files

The Importance of Secularism in the Peace Movement

Have you ever written asking your MP what he thinks about the problem of having  religious leaders in the New House of Lords? Knowing the answers he will be given by the Justice Department may help your wording! See Here

Atheist? agnostic? humanist? - Confused ?

Some definitions

*Articles & Discussion Papers

Jean Meslier - 'The Last Priest' - or the First Atheist ?

.......was the subject of one of our meetings A DVD was made of a new play about his extraordinary life and death. He was a French priest who was so guilt ridden that he had misled his peasant congregation during his lifetime, by not admitting to them that he had come to the conclusion that his religion was a sham, and its only purpose was to keep them subservient to the aristocracy, the court and the church. See here for his story

The Case for Secularism in a Secular Humanist Political Agenda:

Without secularism, honest and objective information, free speech and expression and access to the popular media, political and economic equality - 'democracy' is reduced to rule by the majority that can be manipulated by those with power and wealth. It can deliver theocracies and oppressive regimes on the votes uninformed populations.



      All have book lists and information:

Atheism UK 

This organisation is specifically for strong, positive atheists and anti-theists. It has information and discussion Forums



    What is Secular Humanism?
    Secular Humanists do not believe in the existence of any god or gods who direct or influence human minds or the world at large. No afterlife, no heaven, no hell; when you're dead and gone you're dead and gone! Life is for living now, and the happier and healthier it can be for everyone so much the better.
    It is understandable that beliefs in gods, and the rite and ritual of the religions that were built around them, would have arisen in the early development of human beings whose lives were so closely dependent on the vagaries of the natural world.
    With the benefit of hindsight it can be seen that much evil has been perpetrated in the name of religion, crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts, genocide and war. And today it causes conflict (directly or indirectly); and contributes to; makes worse, or prevents, rational, negotiated solutions to political problems. It is involved in conflict around the world, and causes personal and family strife. Prejudice and discrimination causes unhappiness, ill treatment and death in many countries around the world today.
    The rise of Secular Humanism over the last hundred years, with its moral, rational, humanitarian approach to life, and the rejection of superstition has enabled progress on many fronts - political, scientific, and intellectual. Women can be fully educated and trained, they can vote and participate in the decision making of government and administration. Gays do not have to hide their sexuality in most areas of life now. Women can control how many children they have, and infertile couples can have children thanks to scientific advances.
    Secular Humanists challenge the doctrines that prevent the use of condoms in HIV/AIDS and population control. Most support moves to allow carefully controlled voluntary euthanasia; promote sound sustainable environmental policies, fair trade, and rational treatment of offenders, and campaign for peace. We are against sectarian schools and biased teaching of religion, and against all forms of animal cruelty, and many are vegetarian or vegan.
    If you are a secular humanist and want to make contact with the local group ring 01959 574691 or see - www.slhg.adm.freeuk.com

What is Secular Humanism?


Books ~ CDs~ DVDs~ Leaflets


By Barbara Smoker:-

Blackham's Best - Excerpts from  Harold Blackham's writings

Freethoughts - on Atheism, Humanism and Secularism

Humanism 4th Edition  by Barbara Smoker

Modern Humanism - Living without religion Hobson & Jenkins


Separation of religion and state - IHEU 166h World Humanist Congress  - Edited by  Federation Nationale de la Libre Pense


Our Pagan Christmas by RJ Condon Forward by Barbara Smoker

By Leslie Scrase

Coping with Death -

'Conversations' -  between an Atheist and a Christian 

'One Man's Pilgrimage'-

          from Christian Ministry to Outright Atheism 

By A.Shaw :-

'The Role of Religion in Education' -   as used to promote religion and its attitudes

'A Challenge to Religion on Health ' - Religion has nothing to brag about. on health and welfare.

'A Theory of Belief - based on physiology and psychological techniques used to instill beliefs

'Illicit Sex and the God Machine'  - on the effects of religious distorted attitudes to sexuality

By Sue Mayer:-

Transience - the verses of a woman freethinker


Sam Harris at 'Idea City 2005'

'Favorite Neighborhood Atheist' songs by Dan Barker

'Relativism' Melvin Bragg's In our Time

The Role of Religion in Education (24 min)

Secularism in the Peace Movement (13 min)

Films & Videos:
"Intelligent Design" - Richard Dawkins introduced by David Attenborough

The Root of all Evil - complete series - Richard Dawkins

A Rough History of Disbelief - three part series by Jonathan Miller

The God Who Wasn't There - Brian Flemmin

The Enemies of Reason - Richard Dawkins 2007

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What is Secular Humanism?

Secularism and Secular humanism in the Peace Movement

Women, Religion and Peace





1967  - 2007 Abortion Law 40th Anniversary

Every Child a Wanted Child and A Woman's Right to Choose

Safe, Early termination of unwanted pregnancy

This is the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, and arch Catholics, Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien and Welsh Archbishop Peter Smith launched  inflammatory attacks on 'Women's Right to Choose' - threatening Catholic MPs who supported the reform, that saved many women's lives and side effects of 'back-street abortions. Using emotive language, they called the termination of unwanted pregnancies 'murder', "wanton killing of the innocents", and a 'social evil' - copying the fanatical and violent American Evangelical anti-abortionists.

In response Sue Mayer writes:-

The number of abortions may represent a failure of contraception in some cases, but it does not represent moral failure. We should be grateful that women choose not to have children they do not want, and cannot look after.

The majority of women who have abortions are not just feckless young singles, but are already mothers and only they know what is best for themselves and their families.

And even if some were careless or drunk at conception, unwanted pregnancy and motherhood, with the associated problems of smoking and drinking alcohol around conception and early pregnancy, lone parenthood, unhappy relationships and poverty and stigma is no answer. This scenario should never be seen as a punishment for careless sex.

[The patriarchal religions have always, and still do use the fear of unwanted pregnancy and motherhood (and STD’s) to deter all forms of what they think of as ‘illicit’ sex - for single people & homosexuals. It has been seen as a (punishment, to enforce compliance with its teaching that sex is only OK within heterosexual, marriage, for the procreation of children and not for pleasure. Attitudes that are still at the root of prejudice and have caused immense human suffering. – "You’ve made your bed now you must lie on it" ]

The religious might note that for every induced abortion, there are millions of natural ones, many of which do not go smoothly, presumably as part of ‘God’s plan’.

Safe, early abortion of unwanted pregnancies with the help and support of family, friends and doctors, ensure that they will have an unwanted pregnancy terminated and move on without lifelong guilt and the problems of lone parenthood for mothers and children? And when perhaps in due course they wish to become pregnant, infertility due to infection from ‘back-street’ abortions will not prevent this as the did in the past in Britain, and still do in many parts of the world.

Every effort should be made to ease what are often very difficult decisions, delay results in later and more difficult abortions. Increased pressure can make a women feel stigmatised and guilty, feelings that are quite unnecessary and unproductive – yet they are constantly being put forward in the media, as the inevitable result of an abortion, adding further pressure at what can be a difficult time.

In any conflict between the interests of an embryo or a foetus and an adult woman the decision to terminate a pregnancy must be taken without undue pressure, for or against, by the woman concerned.

The constant pressure from anti-abortion campaigners could be seen by some as marginal, in rich developed countries such as ours, though over-population affects us all, (especially if there is an influx of Catholics to exert pulpit pressure on politicians).

But with the world population due to increase from the present 6.5 Billion to 9.1 Billion by 2050 (2.5 Billion people in 43 years, according to official UN Estimates*) and the current problems of global warming and climate change, as developing countries try to deal with the poverty of their people, population control should concern everyone, rich and poor, East and West, North and South.

The activities of the so-called ‘pro-lifers’ who campaign against contraception, abortion and condom use, at UN and local level, are by no means marginal. Because of the Vatican’s ‘special status’ at the UN, and in the EU, and the pressure from the Evangelical Christian ‘moral majority’ in the U.S, they have been successful in cutting the funding of UN health and population programmes and archbishops and Catholics at local level use their influence to prevent contraception, abortion and condom use, in countries where it is most needed.

Britain has struggled to progress from the traditional, irrational and punitive attitudes, not least on human sexual matters, towards more rational and humanitarian attitudes and practices.

The freedom to make life-changing decisions on rational humanitarian grounds does not affect those who do not want that freedom. But the fact that so many women do, including many Catholics and women who come from countries where it is not available, shows how determined women are to make what they see as sensible choices.

Remaining campaigning should be political – in addressing the problems of poverty, housing, sex education and limited expectations that can distort the real motives and intentions of some women around unwanted pregnancy and lone parenthood.

* http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2005/pop918.doc.htm




"Did Christians Steal Christmas?"

The Greatest Story Ever Told - the Truth about 'Christmas'