"For those of us who have been non-believers of one sort or another for a long time, and have been able to discuss the whole range of issues, with many others, and over many years, and in this long process refined and confirmed our views, having to go over the same old discussions again and again can become a problem.
    Newcomers to unbelief want to discuss these issues from a standing start and it is important that there is an ongoing process for them to make up ground easily, so that there is not always a yawing gap with irritation at both extremes.
    Most of this list are be particularly helpful to those wanting to catch up quickly without having to go through a near lifetime of reading and discussion. Todays modern popular books are readable and easy.


    Google Authors on Amazon for more excellent titles


    Bertrand Russell -  *'Why I Am Not a Christian' published by the Rationalist Press Association and National Secular Society 1983

    Margaret Knight  -* 'Morals Without Religion'

    Barbara Smoker* - * 'Humanism'

    Robert Ingersoll –Best of Robert Ingersoll: Selections from His Writings and Speeches'.  'Some Mistakes of Moses' etc.

    Modern popular books:

    Richard Dawkins  -  The God Delusion’,  ‘Viruses of the Mind, ‘ etc.

    Christopher Hitchens‘God is not Great’, ‘’The Missionary Position’, ‘The Atheists Bible ’etc.

    Sam Harris's - "Letter to a Christian Nation," & "The End of Faith"

    Daniel Dennett - "Breaking the Spell," and 'Darwin's Dangerous Idea'

    Carl Sagan -  'The Demon Haunted World' sub-titled 'Science as a Candle in the Dark'

    Ludovic Kennedy 'All in the Mind' -

    Dan Barker - 'Maybe Yes, Maybe No' - For Children

    Annie L Gaylor     - 'Women Without Superstition "No Gods, No Masters" (see www.wwsgb.freeuk.com)

    Jack Grassby - 'Postmodern Humanism' www.jackgrassby.co.uk

    Michael Shermer  - "Science of Good and Evil."

    George H Smith - 'Atheism: The Case Against God'

    The Case for Secularism: a neutral state in an open society. - British Humanist Association

    'Erewhon' by Samuel Butler, a fascinating satire published shortly after Darwin's 'Origin of Species', and full of amusing and clever arguments directed against religion, education, moral standards.

    Atheist Perspectives * on ‘The Role of Religion on Education’,’ A Challenge to Religion on Health’, ‘Illicit Sex and the God Machine’ & ‘A Theory of Belief’ by A. Shaw -  Information on :- www.c.s.e.freeuk.com/AtheistPerspectives.htm - radical and inexpensive                            

    Books- can be obtained from Amazon.com  & some from NSS or BHA

    The Wordsworth Classics version can be purchased very cheaply.