Our Campaign Issues are
     National and International:

            Poverty and overpopulation go hand in hand
Preventing contraception causes over-population
Over-population is part of major ecological disaster
Religious conflict has been a major killer 
throughout history and is still a major cause of 
strife and prevents peace.
Illegal abortion causes women to become sterile or die  
Preventing the use of condoms causes disease and death. 
Lack of Safe sex education causes disease and death 
Female Circumcision causes millions of deaths in childbirth
Superstition and witchcraft cause cruelty and death 
They cause the abandonment of children

Google any of the United Nations statistics websites
on these issues
to see the figures for yourself

By comparison our problems are small :
These are all examples-

Everyone has a right to choose or leave a religion

  Constitutional issues of church and state
  Bishops sit as of right in the House of Lords - WHY?
  What can you do? e.g. Write to your MP.

We are against segregating children on parents religion
Children should be educated together - as one community
We are against 'faith schools' and biased teaching.
We work for an inclusive secular education   system    

Campaign for Secular Education                  

    The BBC should be fair and balanced 
     Tax-payers money should not be spent on the
     promotion of  religion  over rational opinion.

            Life Ceremonies and Civic ceremonial should

        cater for, include and respect all citizens not just

        the religious - Local Celebrant Denis Cobel


Understanding the process of human evolution by natural
selection is one example of  how science advances our knowledge.

Confusing this in schools, with the fantasy of biblical
or ID is foolish.
Websites: HERE


Atheists, secularists and humanists campaign
against ignorance and superstition -
suppression and censorship of science and knowledge.

  • Of captive uneducated populations around the world
  • an uninformed general public in the developed world.
  • In our media, government and educational institutions 
  • schools  that should be giving honest and accurate  information

"Who knows Secularism is and why it is so important?"

- Answer

For campaign news see the websites of the-

National Secular Society

British Humanist Association

Independent Directory of web-sites


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What is secularism and why is  it so important in the modern world?




Religion affects individuals, society and the world


Freedom OF and  Freedom FROM religion

within a


that is neutral on matters such as religious belief

is  essential for PEACE  because it avoids sectarian strife and enables negotiated political settlements of disputes


see:  A Secular Humanist Political Agenda